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Herbal Green Peel 

The three Green Peel treatments may only be offered by certified aestheticians. Their unique effect is based on a mixture of selected herbs, which contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins, among others. The herbal mixture is massaged into the skin with a special technique of massage and pressure. Depending on the amount of the herbs used and the duration of the massage, the upper skin layer is either stimulated or completely renewed after a peeling process. The amount of herbs plays an essential role in this process. They improve blood circulation and thus the exchange of oxygen in the skin while stimulating the cell metabolism.

Green Peel - Classic 


Goal: Skin Renewal

During the herbal massage, the upper layers of the epidermis are removed, blood circulation, oxygen supply as well as metabolism are increased and regeneration processes are stimulated. This reduced the usual time for skin renewal from 28 days to 5 days. A new, fresh skin appears after the peeling process. The beauty finishing treatment nourishes then the particularly receptive skin with valuable ingredients. 

Green Peel - Energy


Goal: Regeneration of the skin

The treatment stimulates blood circulation, oxygen supply and metabolism of the cells and leads to a natural improvement of the skin texture without any peeling effect. The skin is provided with noticeably more energy and age-related skin appearances are reduced. 

Green Peel - Fresh Up


Goal: Refreshment of the skin

With this gentle method, the skin is not peeled but rather stimulated and refreshed with natural herbs. Blood circulation is stimulated, pores open and the skin is now able to optimally absorb the ingredients of the subsequent skin care. The complexion appears brighter, fresher and relaxed. 

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