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Body Treatments

Rejuvenating body care services and facials utilizing the finest products available.


30 minute session: $35
Set of 3:      $90
Set of 6:      $150

45 minute session: $45
Set of 3:        $115
Set of 6:        $180
Spa therapy system that offers a variety of beauty, wellness, and relaxation programs. It is a dry heat sauna, allowing free movements of the entire body. While your head is exposed outside of the capsule, cool air refreshes the face to balance the warmth your body is experiencing. Heated vibration massage and aromatherapy surrounds you with sounds of relaxation. Calming the mind and body for peak performance. This creates harmony, optimal health and a sense of balance overall. 
- Burn Calories
- Ease Muscle Tension
- Increase Circulation
- Detoxify 
- Rejuvinate the entire body 

Body Polish

A popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin leaving it smooth and soft,

Mlis Body Contour Wrap

$ 80.00
An hour long procedure that provides healthy inch loss and cellulite reduction through internal cleansing

GX-99 Cellulite Reduction with Alpha session

60 minutes $ 90.00
Has approved by the FDA for therapeutic use to increase blood circulation, lymph flow, relax muscles and reduce appearance of cellulite.
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